Nationals Day 3

Today was the day this has all led up to.  The team was seeded into their double-elimination bracket for final competition.  While we didn't make it into the regular bracket for Young Teen Vet, they did get the opportunity to compete in a Mixed Veteran Division.  This bracket combined both Young Teen and Senior Teen Vets into one bracket.  The boys pulled off their strongest day yet, including two wins, increased pre-jumping skills, recalled quotes, and completing cross-chapter questions.   

In the end they did get eliminated today, but - true to form - they have had an awesome attitude about the experiences.  They have already begun talking about new ways to study and compete next season and Samuel has even started memorizing the first book of Acts for the next season's material!

Thursday evening at Nationals has always been a night where the Quizzing Community gathers in the sanctuary and provides the teens with the chance to give their testimonies concerning Bible Quizzing.  We got to hear from nearly two-dozen kids who wanted to tell what Quizzing had done for their lives.  This was followed by a time of worshiping in music and the taking of communion.  It was a powerful final night of quizzing.  

One other side note:  we were especially proud of Tyler this morning.  The quiz teams from the Wabash Conference got together to do the morning devotions as a group.  Our Conference Director, Brad Anderson, was led to ask Tyler to share a favorite passage from the Bible in front of the whole group.  Despite his nervousness, Tyler stepped out of his comfort zone and picked out an extremely appropriate passage from Psalms to share with us all.   

We also got the opportunity to hear from Rev Daniel from our Kenyan churches, Rev Dosay from our church in Togo, and greet Mike and Vickie Reynen - our own church's sponsored missionaries! 

It had been a very exciting day full of blessings and glowing with the evidence of God's presence.