Nationals Day 2

Day two of Round Robin Quizzing is done and tomorrow morning the boys will get to find out if they made it into the Final Bracket for their division.  The top sixteen teams from their division will be competing in an elimination-style tournament tomorrow to determine the finalists. 

They came at today's Quizzes with a stronger determination and - despite the stiff competition - maintained their positive attitudes throughout the day and made some impressive improvements in their strategies and tactics.  This week has definitely been a learning experience and it is already showing in their quizzing styles.  I'm also proud to say that when they had an extended break this afternoon due to back-to-back Bye Rounds, they were self-motivated enough to spend that break helping each other study for the afternoon's Quizzes. 

This evening coaches Annita and David went to the Annual Coaches Meeting to learn of the upcoming material, rule changes, and general comments and discussion from their fellow leaders.  The meeting closed the coaches separating into smaller groups and spending a lot of time praying over different aspects of the Quiz program, the quizzers, their friends and family, their impact on their community, and the need to expand the program further.

We ask that you keep Free Methodist Bible Quizzing in your prayers.  There are Conferences within our denomination in which the Quizzing program is slowly fading away.  It is hard to imagine from our perspective in the Wabash Conference - the most-represented conference at Nationals - but many of the churches and teams are concerned with the lack of participation in their area.

Pray that we can find a way to reach the hearts of the individuals in each church necessary to light the fire within their own body of believers.

The photos are starting to be posted on the FMQuizzing website and can be found at

Look closely and you will find your own Quiz Team hidden away in some of the photos - and there is even a Team photo! 

Thanks again for your prayers and support.