Bible Quizzing Success!

This last Saturday our fifth grade Bible Quizzers took their first ever trip to compete.  Being a Regional Quiz Meet at the Free Methodist Church in Vincennes, IN, this competition included not only churches from our own Wabash Conference, but also churches from other nearby conferences as well.  Our boys were in a division that included six other teams - also all new quizzers. 

Having only lost two rounds all day our boys came out in third place in their division!  (And, just as a side note, first among the Wabash Conference teams in their division!)  ;) 

Congratulations to Blake Henson, Joel Henson, Samuel Henson, & Tyler Gray on a great start to their quizzing careers.  We might also say congratulations to the proud coaches, Annita Henson & David Blaize; to the chauffeurs & parents, Jackie Gray & Doug Henson; and to Betty Newton, who showed up to support the team through their first few rounds.  (Always good to have a fan!)

All four boys have expressed interest in quizzing next year.  Plus we have a handful of other teens who have expressed interest in joining them! 

If you want to get a jumpstart (or would that be prejump?) on next year's material, we have it on good authority (Mark Scandrett) that we will be studying the book of Matthew, 1984 NIV edition.