Society Meeting Results

Society Meeting Results:

Sunday, June 25, was the annual midyear meeting of the church members to elect positions in the church body.  The meeting was attended by 11 of the 57 members along with three non-members. 

Mike Middleton was reelected to his seat as a Trustee.

Kyle McCutchan and Doug Henson were elected to the Pastor’s Cabinet as the new members-at-large with the Pastor to select his two nominee seats later.

Jodi Correll and Charlie Mathias were reelected to their Official Board seats as members-at-large.

Full copies of the final results can be found on the Welcome Center.  Please note that at this time we are still missing a Sunday School teacher (and substitute).


The Trustees, Stewards, Hospitality Committee, Pastor’s Cabinet, and Worship Team will each need to meet at some point before the July 11 Official Board meeting to select the representative to fill each committee’s seat for the 2017-2018 term.  Remember that the Board Representative does not have to be the person in charge of the respective committee.  They need to be a member of the church who is not currently holding another seat on the Board and is available to meet with the Board on (usually) the first Tuesday evening of each month. 

Also do not feel obligated to continue to use the same representative from previous years if someone else is willing to serve.  This is a good opportunity to allow a fresh voice or two to serve on the Official Board.  A final listing of the new Board will be posted following the first meeting.