Prayer Revival Services in February at VFMC

I am most excited about the opportunity that lies before us to host prayer/revival services at Vincennes Free Methodist Church.  We have come to realize that everything God does He does through God's people in prayer. Being resolved to wish to be deeper and more passionate about this need we are hosting prayer/revival services.  Our guest speaker is Manny Mill, CEO of Koinonia House National Ministries, which works to connect Christian inmates to the local church.  Author of two books, "Radical Redemption" (featuring Manny's testimony about being saved while in prison and then set on fire for God's mission to both those in prison and to God's people in local churches throughout America, and even globally), as well as his most recent book, "Radical Prayer," featuring Manny's challenge for God's people to boldly ask for God all things that are impossible for us but possible for God... and especially those who seek to hallow His name! 

Having known Manny and his wife Barbara for over 24 years, I have witnessed the powerful impact of this passionate man of God, particularly in his willingness to be a humble servant, mixed with his desire to greatly glorify God. His passionate and contagious life has marked me and many others. 

The primary purpose of our gatherings Feb. 7-10 are to assemble and work in concert with the Holy Spirit for a movement of prayer in our congregations and throughout this region.  Nothing less than radical prayer can affect today's descending slide resulting in secular hopelessness and nominal absenteeism in our local churches.  We don't need more programs. We don't need better facilities.  WE NEED MORE OF GOD. So, our gatherings will reflect this humble admission and genuine seeking. 

Thank you, God bless you.

 Pastor Dr. Michael Ewert

Sr. Pastor Vincennes Free Methodist Church