Message Notes: SoulShift Introduction

Today we took a look at the introduction into our new SoulShift series.  This series of lessons and messages is being taught in the adult Sunday School and during the Morning Worship services for the next few weeks. 

For more information on this program see

There you will find introductory videos, testimonials, and other supporting materials.

Also... due to technical issues we did not manage to get a bulletin printed this morning.  You can find a digital copy of the bulletin here.

This week's scriptures:
Matthew 23:25-28
Matthew 5:17-20

The following "shifts" make up this program and will each be taught on its own Sunday:

  • Me to You—A shift from focusing on ourselves to focusing on others.
  • Slave to Child—A shift in identity from primarily serving God to loving God.
  • Seen to Unseen—A shift in values from embracing things that are temporary to embracing things that are eternal.
  • Consumer to Steward—A shift in ownership from acquiring things for ourselves to offering what we have to God and others.
  • Ask to Listen—A shift in posture from asking others to listening to God.
  • Sheep to Shepherd—A shift in influence from following the crowd to leading like Christ.
  • Me to We—A shift in priority from individualism to community.