Easter schedule!

If you don't already attend a church, consider joining us tomorrow for Easter! We will have a "Sunrise" service at 7:00 with music and a message. (Yes, we know that sunrise is actually earlier, but we didn't think Noelle could get the pastor up any earlier!)
Then at 8:00 we will fellowship together over breakfast provided by our Hospitality Committee. No worries there: they always come up with a tasty selection.
We will not have Sunday School, so our Morning Worship service will start a little earlier than usual: 10:00 to be exact. This year we will be presented with an Easter drama written by Noelle and directed by Dave and Winnie entitled "Now What?" I watched the dress rehearsal this morning and it is definitely worth coming to see.
Bring friends! Bring family! Join our family as we celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive!