Pray Together Sunday

We will be participating in Pray Together Sunday this Sunday, July 9, during Morning Worship.  This is a special Sunday set aside for us to join with hundreds of other churches to pray for spiritual renewal.  For more information see the National Association of Evangelicals website:

From the NAE bulletin insert for this Sunday:

Pray Together Sunday is a simple opportunity for Christians across the country to set aside time to seek God and ask for spiritual renewal. Together we will lift our voices on behalf of our communities and nation.

At the heart of Pray Together Sunday is the belief that Jesus changes everything. With one voice, we will worship him and ask him to transform our congregations, communities and nation for his glory. We will ask God for renewal in our own hearts and in those around us.

In order to live at peace with others, we must be worshipers of the Prince of Peace and filled with his Spirit of peace. Take time to worship Jesus and seek the control of the Holy Spirit as you trust him to guide your prayers. 

Ask God to purify your heart so that you can love others with his strength. Pray this simple prayer: “Jesus, show me how I can live in peace with others.” Then invite him to help you do so!
Division can easily begin in our own homes. Consider different family members and pray for wisdom to live together in peace. Pray for healing where there has been misunderstanding or hurt.

Our local church is a place of outreach to the community with the message of Christ. Pray that God would breathe spiritual renewal within our church body and among our pastors and church leaders.

The Christian body is diverse — not only with different ministries and gifts, but with different backgrounds and ways of relating to each other as we work together for his kingdom. Pray that God would give us understanding for one another as we live out different callings.
Our nation is deeply divided, particularly over politics. Pray that God would enable American Christians to be bridge builders and to model Christian civility even when there is disagreement over particular policies.

Jesus said that we are the light of the world. Pray that our Christian witness would show God’s love for others in our local community and throughout the world.

American Christians face many temptations as we seek to be in the world but not of the world. Pray for God’s wisdom and strength to resist temptation, and pray that God would renew our hearts, churches and country with a greater understanding of his love.

There are many people suffering in our country and throughout the world. Pray that God would burden our hearts for the vulnerable and that we would share our resources and the Good News of the cross with them."

Society Meeting Results

Society Meeting Results:

Sunday, June 25, was the annual midyear meeting of the church members to elect positions in the church body.  The meeting was attended by 11 of the 57 members along with three non-members. 

Mike Middleton was reelected to his seat as a Trustee.

Kyle McCutchan and Doug Henson were elected to the Pastor’s Cabinet as the new members-at-large with the Pastor to select his two nominee seats later.

Jodi Correll and Charlie Mathias were reelected to their Official Board seats as members-at-large.

Full copies of the final results can be found on the Welcome Center.  Please note that at this time we are still missing a Sunday School teacher (and substitute).


The Trustees, Stewards, Hospitality Committee, Pastor’s Cabinet, and Worship Team will each need to meet at some point before the July 11 Official Board meeting to select the representative to fill each committee’s seat for the 2017-2018 term.  Remember that the Board Representative does not have to be the person in charge of the respective committee.  They need to be a member of the church who is not currently holding another seat on the Board and is available to meet with the Board on (usually) the first Tuesday evening of each month. 

Also do not feel obligated to continue to use the same representative from previous years if someone else is willing to serve.  This is a good opportunity to allow a fresh voice or two to serve on the Official Board.  A final listing of the new Board will be posted following the first meeting.

Upcoming Events...

The Annual Valentine Banquet is scheduled for Saturday, February 11.  The Bible Quiz Team will be providing the dinner and nursery service for a donation towards their mission project.

The Lenten Breakfasts are scheduled for the year.  We will host the Women's Breakfast on Saturday, March 11, at 9:00 and the Men's Breakfast on Saturday, March 25, at 8:00.

We will also be hosting the Community Good Friday Service this year at 7:00 PM, April 14.  This year's pastor will be Pastor Jeff Powers.

If you would like to plan WAY ahead, we currently are looking at the week of June 12-16 for VBS this year!

Quizzing Nationals Update

Today was the day to find out which tournament brackets our teams will be competing in.  Both teams fought hard, but in the end they will both be competing Thursday in their respective consolation brackets.  The coaches could not be prouder of the kids' performances today.  Both teams were breaking new ground in their competition abilities. 

Tonight was also the night for our service project.  We partnered with Bread of Life Mission in Seattle to assemble and distribute care bags to the homeless.  Our teams decided they wanted to be part of the distribution teams so we took dozens of bright orange backpacks filled with bottled water, socks, soaps, toothbrushes, etc. and followed a guide into the streets of downtown Seattle to distribute the bags to any homeless we could find.  

We walked many blocks up the water front, past fish markets, and between high rises.  When the guide offered to let any of the groups who wanted to leave a chance to get on the bus and go after an hour or so, our group was one of the two who stayed behind to try to give away the rest of the bags. 

We are so glad we did.   We finally reached a square with many people who were willing to receive our gifts with glad hearts and we quickly ran out of care bags.  We got to talk with people and hear some of their stories.  Many people asked us to pray with them right there.   

We are so proud of our kids and their willing hearts of servitude.  This trip across the country has been definitely worth it even if just for the experiences they received tonight.   

On a side note I do want to ask for prayer for Russ.  He was an elderly man I encountered who wanted prayer for himself and for his two sons of 28 and 31 who he hasn't been able to see in years.   I told him he would be lifted up in prayer by name tonight.   

Thank you so much for supporting our team and particularly our teens in this ministry of Bible Quizzing.   

-David J. Blaize, coach